10 Common Mistakes That Can Aggravate Piles

10 common mistakes that aggravate piles

Piles are also known as Haemorrhoids. They are vascular structures in the anal canal that help in stool control. Below are the top 10 common mistakes that might aggravate piles in an individual. If you experience any symptoms of piles, then you are advised to contact your piles specialist or pay a visit to best piles treating speciality hospital near you for successful treatment. Read on to know more...

  1. To hold the urge– The body’s demand to defaecate should not be delayed. It is a very common mistake that people with haemorrhoids avoid using the toilet as and when the urge arises. The fear associated with the act of passing motions accompanied by pain and bleeding may cause the individual to postpone the need but it could be the worst thing to do. Delaying defaecation makes the stool harder and more difficult to pass.
  2. To strain– Straining to pass motions without the urge can increase pressure on the rectal and anal regions. Straining and putting more pressure on the veins in the rectum can aggravate painful or bleeding haemorrhoids. With the straining force, there is increased pressure over the venous cushions in the anal area making the soft tissues enlarged and distended. One should be aware of the strain exerted on the bowels and avoiding it as much as possible would be the best way to prevent aggravating the condition.
  3. Prolonged toilet seating– More time spent on the toilet, more the strain for bowel movements. The use of the toilet has to be strict to relieve oneself on demand. Conscious time needs to be spent on the toilet only at the time of necessity and not as a means to try and finish the most apprehended thing to do.
  4. Avoid eating– People may think that not eating a substantial quantity of food would enable them to avoid the frequency of passing motion but that could be the most dangerous and unhealthy way to relieve oneself from symptoms of piles. The longer the interval between bowel movements, the more the trouble. Smart diet choices with great food sources of fibre are the right way to eat for easy and smooth bowel movements.
  5. Eat too much– The other extreme of eating huge amounts of food could go wrong as well. Foods with less fibre and more refined products can definitely be the cause of constipation. Such foods do not contribute to the roughage of the stools. Eating too much can also cause indigestion and diarrhoea which is again a factor that aggravates symptoms of piles.
  6. Not being physically active– A feeling of fear and embarrassment on circumstances of aggravation during physical activity can withhold a person from involving in any form of exercise. Lack of physical exercise can only worsen the symptoms of piles. Certain therapeutic exercises facilitate faster and painless bowel movements.
  7. Lifting weights as a routine - It is a positive step towards joining a gym for exercise and weight loss but overdoing it with weight lifting can be harmful. It is advisable to discuss the existing condition of piles with the fitness trainer and to completely avoid heavy weight lifting. There are chances that it would cause more pressure on the clot(s) or external haemorrhoids. Moderate exercising is the way to fitness until piles symptoms start to subside.
  8. poor hygiene – Taking a shower every day and keeping the anal area clean and dry is foremost important to keep the irritation and itching turning from bad to worse. Rubbing toilet paper or any cloth against the anal area is strictly not good to avoid any burning sensation and rashes. Use loose-fitting cotton inner wears for comfort and ease.
  9. Overuse of laxatives - Stool softeners and laxatives to get some relief from the symptoms of piles are meant to be taken temporarily. A habit of constant intake of these tablets can have adverse effects on the gastrointestinal system. Constipation can be treated by natural remedies for immediate and safe relief.
  10. Use of scented wipes -Most wet wipes that are available in the market are scented and contain irritants like alcohol which can cause burning and excruciating pain on the already swollen affected areas. A better way to keep the anal area clean and devoid of any faecal matter is to soak in a water bath or sitz bath.

These are the common 10 mistakes that can aggravate piles in an individual.

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