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Piles & Piles Treatment Facts

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Do you have a piles problem? Have you suffered long with piles? Then you are probably looking for a piles treatment or a piles specialist to cure your bleeding piles. But should you just settle down for a treatment with your local clinic or should you look out for the best piles treatment in Chennai? Let me make the above statement loud and clear. If you do not want to suffer from recurrent piles, then you should only visit the best piles doctor in Chennai city…

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Perianal Abscess – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Perianal abscess is accumulation of pus near the anus. It is usually a very painful condition causing a lot of discomfort while sitting. There are numerous glands lining the anal canal. These glands may get infected leading to an anal or perianal abscess.

Anal fissure (a tear in the lining of the anal canal) may get infected leading to an anal abscess.
Sexually transmitted infections in persons engaging in unprotected anal sex.
Blocked anal glands

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Small Bowel Enteroscopy: All You Need To Know

Enteroscopy is the word used to describe the procedure of using an endoscope for the visualisation of the small intestine. It uses a long, thin flexible tube with a camera attached to it. It is also called double balloon enteroscopy and it allows for better visualisation of the intestine which is not possible with the conventional endoscope. It does so by alternatively deflating and inflating the balloons thereby pleating the small intestine over the tube like a curtain, providing access to the small intestine…

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