Best Exercise for Patients with Hernia Problem

Excersice for hernia

It is safe to exercise with a hernia. However, this must be done carefully. It is important to first speak with a medical professional who will guide you on which exercises you should be doing that will not aggravate your hernia pain.

Doctors or physicians at The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic will give you a detailed plan showing which exercises to perform, for how long and how often. While each exercise plan is different there are certain guidelines that will be followed by all:

Focus on your breathing:

While exercising, breathe out when you are exerting yourself and breathe in as you relax. Do not hold in your breath while exercising. You can reduce the pressure in your abdomen by concentrating on your breathing during exercise.

Wear protective undergarments:

Protective underwear can help support your abdomen and groin, decreasing any unnecessary exertion while exercising. Your healthcare professional will advise you on what kind of underwear you should use.

Do light exercise:

You must only do light exercise, not heavy and intense exercise. The more intense your workout is, the more pain you will experience.

Exercises for Hernia:

Low-impact exercises can be done when one has a hernia. They do not involve the hernia in their movements and so will not increase hernia pain.
Each one of these is a safe exercise for a hernia:


Swimming is an exercise that can be done for those who have a hiatal hernia. This is because it does not put any pressure on the stomach.


Walking can keep your muscles strong and help reduce your risk of complications.Walking helps your organs return to their proper place. It is advised for those who have umbilical hernia.


In yoga, there are several methods to help avoid or overcome hernia. Yoga can remove symptoms and sometimes completely cure some forms of hernia.


Cycling with a hernia is safe when done by following guidelines from a physician or a doctor. It is a form of exercise that does not put excess pressure on the hernia. Patients with inguinal hernia can cycle.

Why Should You Exercise with a Hernia?

Without exercising the patient will gain weight. Overweight and obese patients have more stress applied to their hernia which can cause it to move further out of the muscle and become larger.

This is why it is necessary to be light weight when suffering from a hernia. Exercise can help you reduce weight. Therefore, it is advisable to do doctor-approved exercises if you have a hernia.

There are several doctors and physicians who treat hernias at Chennai laser gastro. They will be happy to create an exercise regime for you.

Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran