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Biliary Tract Disorders

The biliary tract involves the right and left hepatic ducts, cystic duct and common bile duct that carry bile produced in the liver to the digestive system.

What is Choledocholithiasis?

When stones form in the common bile duct or the common hepatic duct the condition is known as choledocholithiasis. They can cause obstruction to the flow of bile and also jaundice.

Benign Tumors

Although most bile duct tumors are malignant, some benign biliary lesions result in biliary obstruction and cholestasis. These include papillomas, adenomas, and cystadenomas.

Mirizzi’s syndrome

Mirizzi’s Syndrome is caused by an impacted cystic duct stone, leading to gallbladder distention and subsequent compression of the extrahepatic biliary tree. Occasionally, the gallstone erodes into the common hepatic duct, producing a cholecystocholedochal fistula.


Extrahepatic biliary obstruction has been seen with various parasitic infections, such as Strongyloides and Ascaris spp, and liver flukes, such as Opisthorchis sinensisand Fasciola hepatica.

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