Piles and Stress: The Hidden Link and Its Impact on Hair Fall

hidden link between piles, stress and hairfall

Piles also called haemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels that you can get inside or around your anus. Piles can be aggravated due to stress.

This is because stress increases blood pressure which causes strain during bowel movements and aggravates piles. It leads to digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhoea, and these issues can cause piles to develop. The severity of piles increases when the person is stressed.

When someone is stressed, they are more likely to eat junk food which can lead to haemorrhoids. Stress also discourages people from exercising which also leads to haemorrhoids.

Hair Fall and Stress:

Alopecia areata is a disease that causes hair fall. When a person suffers from alopecia areata, their body's immune system attacks their own hair follicles. Hair follicles are the structures in the skin that form hair and when they are attacked, they fall off causing hair loss.

There are a variety of causes of this condition, possibly including severe stress. Patients of alopecia areata have an increased presence of cortisol (stress hormone) and decreased levels of serotonin (a mood-stabilizing hormone) which leads to hair loss. Many people note that their stress levels are higher before symptoms appear.

Stress is not only a cause of hair fall but hair fall itself can cause stress. This is because people who suffer from hair fall can become stressed and anxious due to feelings of shame and embarrassment.

Piles, Stress and Hair Fall:

Piles is a condition which can cause stress in people due to pain and irritation. Piles can also cause people to feel self-conscious and depressed. All of these lead to stress, which in turn aggravates piles, causing a vicious cycle.Stress can cause alopecia areata, i.e., hair fall.

There is research that proves that increased stress levels in the body can result in the loss of hair. Therefore, piles, which causes stress, can in turn lead to hair fall. This can be seen in the fact that certain symptoms of piles can be witnessed when someone suffers from hair fall.

Blood on the surface of the stool is a common symptom of haemorrhoids Alopecia, or hair loss, is not likely to be related to blood on the stool but may be present at the same time due to unrelated causes such as stress. This is why there is said to be a hidden link between piles and hair fall. And that hidden link is stress. Therefore, patients with piles must moderate their stress levels to prevent the development of hair fall.

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Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran