Is almond milk good for piles?

Is almond milk good for piles

Haemorrhoids can be challenging with their accompanying discomfort, tenderness, bleeding, and severe itching. These distended or enlarged veins in the anus and lower regions of the rectum, often known as piles, can clot or swell if left untreated, sometimes necessitating surgery. An extended increase in pressure in the blood vessels of the anal is what leads to haemorrhoids. Wide straining when having a bowel movement is a typical source of this high pressure.

A proper diagnosis from a qualified piles specialist in Chennai is required since it would be a huge problem.

Treatment For Piles

In most cases, simple measures can heal haemorrhoids, yet, medication, alternative therapies, or surgery may be necessary in some cases.

Surgical treatment-

Patients in pain because of a big, enlarged, or prolapsed pile may require surgery. Pile surgery is done when the patient is under local, spinal, or general anaesthesia. Before the procedure, an enema is used to clean the lower stomach (rectum and anus).

The most effective therapy for all forms of haemorrhoids is surgical haemorrhoidectomy. It is preferable for patients with chronic piles who experience frequent bleeding, excruciating pain, and oedema. Using a surgical scalpel or laser, the surgeon removes the enlarged vessels to complete the procedure. Following the removal of the blood vessels, the resulting gap in the anal region is either left unstitched or open. When the wound is left open it can take longer to heal. Yet, there are fewer complications from the stitches. 

Non-Surgical Treatment- 

Most patients are required to consume more fibre, drink lots of water, and refrain from straining, sitting for extended periods, and carrying heavy things. In minor circumstances, the patient's lifestyle adjustments might help the symptoms go away. Medication to soften the stools may be prescribed to patients with hard stools. These drugs are referred to as laxatives. Patients may need to undergo procedures for treatment if lifestyle changes do not relieve the symptoms of piles.

There are many non-surgical piles treatment like banding which is the most common non-surgical haemorrhoid removal treatment today. Piles treatment hospital in Chennai has the best facilities and is also affordable.

For non-surgical options changing your diet also plays an essential role. Consuming fibre-related food like Almond Milk can be significant. 

Is Almond Milk good for piles? 

Almond milk helps with haemorrhoids because of its high-fibre ingredient that can help soften stools, making them easier to pass. It also soothes the anal area. Also, due to its low-calorie content, almond milk can be consumed guilt-free. 

Further, almond milk can be a great alternative to cow’s milk for people with piles as cow milk is low in fibre it can worsen constipation. Additionally, almond milk is a good source of vitamins and minerals, which can help to reduce inflammation and pain associated with piles. Hence, you may substitute almond milk for cow milk in coffee and on your morning porridge.

However, if home remedies or alternative therapies do not work, one must opt for treatment at the best piles hospital in Chennai

Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran