Is laser treatment for piles the right way for treatment?

Increased pressure in the lower rectum can cause piles or haemorrhoids. It happens due to excessive pressure or strain during bowel movements. It can lead to swelling or bulging of blood vessels around the anus and rectum leading to piles causing major discomfort.

Other reasons that can cause piles are chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, obesity, lifting heavy weights, and childbirth. Common symptoms that an individual may experience include itching and painful lump in and around the anus, and discomfort while or after passing stool. In severe cases, you may even notice excessive anal bleeding, which may even lead to anaemia, anal fistula, fecal incontinence, infection, or strangulated haemorrhoid where the anal muscles cut the blood supply to the haemorrhoid.

Piles can cause pain and difficulty when passing stool, and they may need to be removed surgically. However, with medical advancements, you can now get laser treatment of piles. It is comparatively less invasive as a treatment option.

Laser piles treatment and its advantages

A relatively new and minimally invasive procedure, also known as laser surgery involves no traditional methods. It includes no stitches or cuts. During the treatment, the laser vaporizes the pile, and the heat from the vaporization destroys the pile. It causes the fluid to drain away making it an effective and safe treatment for small and large piles. The laser also destroys any bacteria that may be present in the pile.

Laser piles treatment has many advantages over traditional treatments such as surgery or injection. These include:

  • The first advantage is that it causes less scarring than other methods. Since the treatment involves no cutting or incision, it makes it a good choice for people who are uncomfortable with surgery.
  • Laser treatment also has a shorter recovery time than traditional treatments. Individuals can get back to their regular life and activities within 3-4 days without any issues.
  • When compared to traditional surgeries, laser treatment for piles is less painful.
  • There is no urgency or a feeling to go to the toilet after the treatment.
  • No risk of rectal stenosis.
  • The chances of recurrence are nearly negligible.

Nevertheless, it is significant to understand that even as a new method, laser treatment for piles has minimal disadvantages. The treatment can cause a burning sensation that may hardly last for 3-4 days or a very rare case of external skin thrombosis. However, this can be managed easily with excision.

Hence, laser treatment for piles can be a valuable option for people seeking lesser pain and faster recovery options when compared to traditional surgery. Also, for individuals who are scared of cuts like during surgery, laser treatment can be a beneficial option. Yet, as it is a new procedure, if you are considering laser treatment for piles, talk to your doctor to see if it is the right choice for you. Also, inquire about the piles laser treatment cost. It will give you clarity on both the time and cost involved during the procedure.

Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran