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This is Dr. Manu - renowned lady doctor for piles in Chennai

Piles problems affect women just as frequently as they affect men. Moreover, piles require the right treatment from the right piles specialist.

Are you planning to visit a piles doctor in chennai. If so, I would request you to take a minute to read this article below

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Why do women get piles?

As a regular practising lady piles surgeon in chennai, I see so many of my women friends who suffer from piles problem.

One of the most common causes is dehydration, women folk in chennai just do not seem to drink an adequate amount of water! Chennai is one damn hot city, keep well hydrated and rest assured you will never get piles and you will never have to see a lady doctor for piles ever!

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Other common causes of piles include

  1. Lack of fruit and vegetable intake
  2. Most importantly, improper bowel straining habits

Does hemorrhoids really occur due to poor bowel habits?

Absolutely, if you want to avoid taking a hemorrhoid treatment, I would suggest you change your bowel habits!. Never strain yourself unduly for more than 15 minutes when you are clearing your bowel in the morning.

As I routinely do piles surgery for women, I frequently see at least 20% of my patients suffer from piles just due to improper toilet habits!

Weight gain, pregnancy, and piles?

No two thoughts on this topic. Weight gain both during and after pregnancy is just plain bad for piles. Avoid it gaining weight and avoid a piles problem.

As the old saying goes

"Prevention is better than cure"

I am sure you do not want to visit your lady doctors near you for piles treatment!!!

Do piles occur in older women?

They do!. Especially in women who are older than 50 years of age!. As you age, parts of the rectal canal also age.

What is the difference between internal piles and external piles?

Piles are of two types. They are

  1. Internal piles
  2. External Piles

External piles being covered with skin can be more painful compared to internal piles.

Internal piles can cause bleeding more than the external one and can interfere with the stool movement!

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Phew!. I hope you enjoyed this short article on piles.

Do watch this space for more interesting articles on piles (specific to women)


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This is Dr. Manu, and I am a practicing lady doctor for piles in Chennai. Looking for best lady doctors in Chennai for best laser piles treatment, get in touch below!

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A model from T-Nagar, Chennai

Dr. Manu is amazing!. In one word she is an authority on piles and is the best lady doctor for piles in Chennai area. I suffered from piles for many years, I visited many doctors for my hemorrhoids. I had constant burning pain and anal itch. After visiting Dr. Manu, I realized that it was a piles problem. Her medical advice helped me get rid of it for good

Priya Mathur
Priya Mathur Model

Entrepreneur from Adyar

Dr Manu, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped me all the way from my chronic piles problem. I was sick and tired of all the medical visits and checkups over the last few years. But, you not only gave me the comfort but also the cure I wanted. You are best lady doctor for piles in chennai!

Jhanvi Entreprenuer

A mother of 2 children

My piles issues occurred after the delivery of my first son. I had the toughest time of my life. Most of the lady doctors for piles I had consulted had recommended going in for a surgery. All except Dr. Manu. Manu ma'am put me on a strict piles recovery diet for one year, my piles are now resolved. You are the best ma'am!. Absolutely the best piles doctor in chennai city!!

Deepthi Homemaker

Scientist and Researcher

Thanks a million Dr. Manu!. You are the best piles surgeon in chennai! thank god, i followed your advice of taking up the non surgical laser piles removal technique. I am at a loss of words ma'am. May god bless you and your family

madhi Environmental Scientist

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