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Piles problems affect men and women equally. Either way, they need treatment and should not be ignored.

Before you decide on visiting a lady surgeon for piles in chennai, allow us to tell you a bit about piles and its outcomes.

Take a minute to read up the FAQ below!

Why the hell do piles occur in the first place?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward!. As a practicing lady surgeon for piles in chennai, I have seen numerous friends and colleagues suffer from a piles problem.

Chennai is a pretty hot city and this can result in dehydration. If you do not drink adequate water, and do not eat adequate fiber, you may end up with a piles problem sooner or later.

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The most common causes of piles is -

  1. Lack of adequate water intake
  2. Extremely poor consumption of dietary fibers (when do we ladies take care of our heath??).
  3. Improper bowel habits

Can piles result from improper bowel habits?

Oh yeah!. Absolutely. The first thing you need to do is stop digging into your phone while you are in the toilet. This increases the amount the pressure and strain while you are seated (since you are seated for a longer time looking at junk on the phone). This can also trigger piles

If you want to avoid visiting a lady doctor for piles treatment, I suggest you stop sitting for more than 15 to 20 mins at a stretch in the toilet seat

What are the other causes of piles?

Pregnancy and weight gain may also predispose you to get piles. I had a piles problem due to excess weight I gained during my second pregnancy (Sigh!).

I swear I don't want to visit lady surgeon for piles in chennai or any other place for the matter!. My sincere advice to you is lose the fat and help yourself. Lose weight and lose piles.

Do older women get piles?

In the numerous years that I have practiced as a lady doctor for piles treatment in chennai, I have seen numerous women aged over 50 years with a piles problem. Here again, the problem is weight gain and poor toilet habits.

What about younger women?

They get piles too!. I mean seriously..

Not all younger women eat healthy these days. Skip the pizza'a and burgers women folk!.

A lady doctor for piles told me I have an external hemorrhoid? What's it mean?

Piles are of two types. They are namely

  1. Internal piles
  2. External Piles

However, both of them can cause bleeding. The external piles come out of the anal canal and are covered with skin. Since skin has nerve endings, these piles can be pretty painful.

The internal piles though are more commonly associated with bleeding during stools and constipation.

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Phew!. I hope you enjoyed this short article on piles. Keep watching this space for more interesting articles on piles (specific to women)


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This is Dr. Manu, and I am a practicing piles surgeon in chennai. If you have more doubts, get in touch below

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A model from T-Nagar, Chennai

Dr. Manu is amazing!. In one word she is an authority on piles and is the best lady doctor for piles in Chennai area. I suffered from piles for many years, I visited many doctors for my hemorrhoids. I had constant burning pain and anal itch. After visiting Dr. Manu, I realized that it was a piles problem. Her medical advice helped me get rid of it for good

Priya Mathur
Priya Mathur Model

Entrepreneur from Adyar

Dr Manu, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped me all the way from my chronic piles problem. I was sick and tired of all the medical visits and checkups over the last few years. But, you not only gave me the comfort but also the cure I wanted. You are best lady doctor for piles in chennai!

Jhanvi Entreprenuer

A mother of 2 children

My piles issues occurred after the delivery of my first son. I had the toughest time of my life. Most of the lady doctors for piles I had consulted had recommended going in for a surgery. All except Dr. Manu. Manu ma'am put me on a strict piles recovery diet for one year, my piles are now resolved. You are the best ma'am!. Absolutely the best piles doctor in chennai city!!

Deepthi Homemaker

Scientist and Researcher

Thanks a million Dr. Manu!. You are the best piles surgeon in chennai! thank god, i followed your advice of taking up the non surgical laser piles removal technique. I am at a loss of words ma'am. May god bless you and your family

madhi Environmental Scientist

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