The non-surgical treatment for Piles

non-surgical treatment for piles remedy

A painful condition of the rectum and anus called piles or haemorrhoids can make passing stools uncomfortable. It is the swollen veins in the rectum and the anus, which may then bruise when hard stools pass through them or when there is too much pressure on them. For many people, having this illness may be incredibly unpleasant and humiliating.

Internal piles, as the name implies, develop inside the anal canal. Sometimes they might develop and emerge from the anus. External piles develop at the anus's very tip. Depending on the type of pile, there are surgical and non-surgical treatment options. The following are some Non-surgical piles treatment for piles:

Rubber Band Ligation-

A non-surgical option for treating piles is rubber band ligation. However, this is only applicable to internal haemorrhoids. At the bottom of the heaps, a rubber band is tied as part of the operation. As a result, the haemorrhoid shrinks or dries out and falls off since the blood supply to it is cut off. You can get the Best Piles Treatment Hospital In Chennai which will make sure to treat you in the best possible way.


The goal of sclerotherapy is also to stop the haemorrhoids' blood supply. In this operation, a chemical solution that hardens and shuts off the blood supply is injected at the base of the pile, scarring the tissue. The mounds get smaller when the blood flow is stopped. This can be carried out simultaneously for several heaps. This treatment is far less unpleasant and safer. For the first few days following therapy, the patient can notice some faint blood in their faeces. When the rubber band ligation method cannot be employed, sclerosing is a possibility.


For smaller piles, electrotherapy is used. To eliminate the piles, this approach uses electric current. A device known as a "proctoscope" is used to find the pile to do this. By making the blood in the pile thicker, the electric current delivered effectively stops the flow of blood. As a result, the mounds begin to get smaller. Multiple piles can be treated with electrotherapy in a single session. You can easily find many Piles of Specialist In Chennai.

Here are some Home therapies -

1. The afflicted region can be treated with hydrocortisone-containing creams or suppositories. They function as numbing agents, providing momentary pain relief.
2. To lessen pile swelling, place ice packs on the region.
3. On top of the toilet sits a dish-like receptacle called a "sitz bath." Sitting on it while it is filled with warm water might provide relief from burning and itching.
4. When you have piles, using dry paper might be uncomfortable. You could feel better if you use damp tissues or moist towels.
5. You can apply a paste made from a spoonful of cumin seed powder to the afflicted region by adding water to the mixture. It should be removed with water after being left on for around 15 minutes.
If any of the above-mentioned non-surgical treatments don’t work then there are many reputed Best Piles Hospital In Chennai that can help you.

Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran