How does your posture affect your piles?

Walking or sitting with your back hunched has been linked to various health problems. As a result of this condition, the lower anus and rectum can be affected with piles of inflated veins known as haemorrhoids.

In this era when desk jobs are favourable over fieldwork, an increasing number of adults are becoming susceptible to piles. Long periods of sitting in one place are one of the causes of blood accumulation in and around the anus. While the problem is treatable and is not a reason for concern, one can be very uncomfortable when suffering from piles problems. It can cause trouble when they swell and make it difficult for the patient to sit or maintain a proper posture.


  • Distressing lumps in and near the anus
  • Itching and affliction near the anus
  • Distress during and after handing stools
  • Bloodstained stools
  • Anaemia caused by disproportional anal bleeding
  • Faecal incontinence
  • Anal fistula

How Does Your Posture Affect Your Piles?

While there may be different reasons that cause piles, posture is a significant reason. Here are a few reasons which explain how posture affects the piles-

Sitting In A Bent Posture 

When not sitting straight, there is more pressure on the anal area. It can cause increased blood flow and pressure leading to piles. Therefore, you need to relieve the pressure by getting up and walking a few steps.

Sitting for Long Hours in a Chair

Whenever you sit for extended periods without moving, the pressure on your anal region increases. This increase in pressure is vital for blood to collect in the pockets around the anal area. But when the pressure exceeds the limit then that can cause piles. Therefore, it is advisable to get up from your chair and take 45 steps before returning to your sedentary work.

Sitting for Long Hours in Western Toilet

This position is comparable to sitting in a chair. In addition to the already existing pressure, you will put more pressure on your anus while defecating. Thus, it is crucial you do not sit and put unnecessary pressure in the toilet.

In case your problem of piles is causing more discomfort or pain, you must check with a doctor. You must also seek the best piles treatments in Chennai which are affordable.

Other than medical treatment, here are a few homely suggestions that can help recover or reduce pain-

Adjust Your Position While Defecting, squat with your knees against your abdomen. It will help the internal alignment of the rectum to be in the correct position and provides easy movement of the stools.
Try to spend fewer hours in the toilet as sitting for a longer duration leads to the development of bleeding haemorrhoids.

You can have a Cushion under when you sit along with softer seats. It will help you avoid the rectal pain and itching that happens when you sit on a hard chair.
Sweating through your anus can lead to unbearable itchiness and uncomfortableness. So make sure to keep your anus clean and dry.

Unless necessary, you have to avoid standing or sitting in extreme heat and moisture-trapping clothing.

Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran