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Piles Treatment in Anna Nagar East

Are you searching for a piles treatment in Anna Nagar East?

If so, then you have landed in the right place. Of the 438 patients who took a piles treatment with us, we had over 35% of them specifically take piles treatment in Anna Nagar East. We are privileged and lucky to have served patients from the beautiful Anna Nagar Area.

Although we are not physically located in Anna Nagar east, our central piles treatment facility is located in T-Nagar and is about 8 km away.

A large number of patients had requested us for online follow-ups and consultations for piles based problems. As a part of this initiative, we are offering free online evaluation and follow-ups for all patients with piles.

This involves

  1. Online medical record evaluation
  2. Chat based consult with our piles specialist
  3. Medical prescriptions and treatment advice given online

Moreover, for most patients, piles is best managed with simple medications. Most piles do not require any surgery

However, in some instances were the piles is large and bleeding, we would recommend patients to proceed with a laser-based piles removal.

The advantages of laser-based piles removal are numerous

  1. The treatment causes very little pain
  2. Recovery is immediate in 24 hours
  3. The treatment is also cost-effective in nature


Piles treatment in anna nagar east

We are working hard day in and day out to become the best hospital for piles treatment in chennai. If you are in anna nagar east and if you need a piles treatment, get in touch with us below!

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