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Piles treatment in Anna Nagar West

Are you looking for a piles treatment in Anna Nagar West?

If you are looking for a piles treatment in anna nagar west, then you have come to right place. Anna Nagar is in itself one of chennai's most beautiful locations and we have had the privilege of treating numerous patients from anna nagar.

Of the 438 patients who received a piles treatment in chennai in our facility about 65% of them were from anna nagar west. Although we do not have a physical location in Anna Nagar west, we have had numerous referrals from the area for piles treatment. Our piles treatment clinic in T-Nagar is about  9 minute drive from Anna Nagar west.

Moreover, we frequently provide online consultations to patients suffering from a piles problem. Our piles specialist will usually request the following

  1. Past medical records and surgical history
  2. Clinical piles evaluation
  3. Recommendations for treatment

Wherever possible, we always try to provide a piles treatment that is less surgical in nature. In fact, studies have shown that most small piles do not require any surgery.

However, in instances were your piles are large, we would prefer going with a laser treatment of piles. The advantages of such a procedure are numerous

  1. Laser piles treatment is more cost-effective
  2. Patient recovery is over 2 times faster
  3. The patient can also be discharged much earlier

Piles treatment in Anna Nagar west

We are on an arduous journey to be the one-stop destination for piles treatment in chennai. If you are looking for piles treatment in anna nagar west, just fill in the form below

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