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Piles Treatment in Chennai (Velachery)

Are you searching for a piles treatment in chennai velachery?

If you are suffering from piles and if you are specifically searching for a piles treatment in chennai velachery, know that you have come to the perfect place.

In the last 3 years, we treated over 638 patients specifically from the velachery location of chennai. Although we are not physically located in velachery, we have helped most of our patients online.

If you would like a free online consultation for your piles problem. Take a minute to fill the form in the bottom of the page.

Our piles specialist will usually prescribe you medications after an in depth history taking and assessment of your problem. Interestingly, most piles can be treated very conservatively with the right diet, medications and lifestyle habit changes.

However, in some instances the piles may be very large to the extent that it causes

  1. Pain and
  2. Bleeding while passing stools

In these scenarios, we would recommend you take the effort to visit us in person for a consultation. Our piles hospital in chennai is located just about 9 kms (20 minute) drive from velachery. Moreover, T-Nagar is quite accessible by bus and train.

Furthermore, we are among the few hospitals in chennai who swear by laser treatment of piles

Piles treatment in chennai velachery | piles treatment in velachery

Laser piles treatment has certain distinct advantages over conventional piles surgery.

  1. Piles removal with laser is associated with less pain
  2. Laser piles treatment allows the patient to recover in less than 24 hours
  3. Moreover, the cost difference between the two is minimal

If you are suffering from piles, and if you want a piles treatment in chennai velachery, fill the form below!

Are you looking for a piles treatment in chennai velachery? Fill the form below to get a free consultation from a certified piles specialist.


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