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Piles treatment in Chromepet

Are you suffering from piles?. Are you looking for the best piles treatment in Chromepet?

Piles can be a very irritating medical problem. Moreover, piles is frequently associated with bleeding from the rectum along with pain and discomfort.

Piles problem commonly affects people who have poor dietary eating habits in general.

We have had over 200 patients who have visited us over the last 7 years specifically from chromepet area for piles treatment. If you are looking for a piles treatment in chromepet, then you are at the perfect place.

Although we are not located physically in chromepet, we have treated numerous patients in the chromepet area. Our head piles treatment center is located in T-Nagar, Chennai which is just about 16 km (36 minute) drive from the chromepet area.

We have also been giving free online consultation for piles problem in the chromepet area through our website. Over piles specialist doctor will first

  1. Review your medical history and records
  2. He will then assess your piles symptoms
  3. He will then prescribe you medications online for a treatment

Most piles that are small do not require any form of surgery. Most small piles can be easily managed by the expert medical treatment given to you by our piles specialist.

However, in some scenarios, the piles may be very large, or even in some patients it may be actively bleeding. It is only in these patients that we recommend a nonsurgical laser piles treatment.

Laser piles treatment has some advantages for the patients. They are namely

  1. Laser piles treatment allows the patient to recover in less than 24 hours
  2. This treatment is less painful in general
  3. Laser piles treatment is US-FDA approved procedure and is being done the world-over

Piles treatment in chromepet

We are on an exciting journey to be the one stop solution in Chennai for piles treatment. If you are from chromepet and want a piles treatment, get in touch with us below!

Looking for a piles treatment in chromepet?. Getting a free consultation from our piles specialist below!. Take a minute to fill the form!


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