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Piles treatment in guduvanchery

Are you looking for the best piles treatment in guduvanchery?

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Piles can be very vexing in nature due to the symptoms they produce. Moreover, piles, if left untreated, can lead to chronic issues like pain and bleeding when you pass stools.

The most common reason people get piles is due to improper bowel habits and low fiber intake. Hot weathers and prolonged desk work can also lead to piles. If you live in guduvanchery and are looking for a piles treatment in guduvanchery, you have come to right place!

In the last 2 years, we have treated about 68 patients who visited our piles clinic in OMR from guduvanchery. We have also helped numerous patients online completely free of cost where possible.

Sometimes a piles problem does not require any surgery as such. Most small piles can be easily sorted out with simple medications and lifestyle modifications.

In some instances though, you may require a piles surgery. In these scenarios, we normally recommend our patients to go with a laser piles treatment.

The advantages of laser piles treatment are numerous

They are as follows

  1. Laser piles treatment is less painful in nature and allows superior patient recovery
  2. Moreover, the cost difference while comparing laser piles procedure and conventional piles surgery is not significant
  3. The recurrence of piles will also be less

If you are looking for a piles treatment in guduvanchery, take the effort to visit either of our clinics in the address below

Clinic Address 1: The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic

No 1, Crescent park street, T-Nagar, Chennai 600017

Clinic Address 2: The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic

No 5/395, Old Mahabalipuram Rd, Old Narasingapuram,

MCN Nagar, Thoraipakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600057

We are working hard towards our dream of being one the best hospitals for piles treatment in chennai and we look forward to serving your needs


Piles treatment in guduvanchery


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