Why choose us for a piles treatment in Kerala?

We have had the privilege of treating over 654 patients who looked for a piles treatment in Kerala (Gods own country). Although our piles treatment center is not physically situated in Kerala, we offer free online consultation for piles and medical advice from experts. Most of our patients travel to the 'The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic', for hemorrhoid treatment located in T-Nagar, Chennai from Kerala. Moreover, we use laser-based technology for all our patients, any patient who comes to us Kerala can be treated and sent home the same day!. Our piles treatment for patients from Kerala is fast, affordable and offers super quick patient recovery.

Quick facts about Piles

piles treatment in kerala

What is piles?

Piles also called hemorrhoids are basically swelling of the veins/blood vessels in the rectum. Piles can occur both outside or inside the rectum and can cause discomfort while passing motion

How to prevent piles?

Piles can be prevented by eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Eating bakery and bread and barotta and maida based products can all aggravate a piles problem
piles treatment in kerala

Can piles be treated at home?

Sometimes you may be searching for a piles treatment in Kerala, right at home. Why take the pain to travel and get treated?. Try sitting in a warm water bath for 20 mins every day. Your piles should shrink. This may not work for actively bleeding piles that are large though
banana is good for piles | piles treatment in kerala

Banana for piles treatment ?

If you are looking for a natural piles treatment in Kerala, look no further!. Take 2 bananas every day. A banana a day keeps the piles away. Oh, do avoid the fried banana chips though
piles treatment in Kerala

Does exercise prevent piles?

Eating fruits and vegetables and walking 30 minutes every day helps prevent piles. Walking everyday will improve your bowel habits thereby preventing strain while passing stools and thus avoiding piles

Can a piles go away on its own?

Piles that are small my simply disappear on its own. Larger piles though need a proper piles treatment and will cause continued trouble till they are removed

How do we actually provide a piles treatment in Kerala?

piles treatment in kerala

Step 1: Online evaluation of piles

In this step first our piles doctor will evaluate your piles by asking a few medical questions on your health condition
piles treatment in kerala

Step 2: Free treatment advice

Our piles doctor will then give you free treatment advice on managing your piles. Suitable medications will also be prescribed. Where required, a surgical correction will be recommended
piles treatment in kerala

Step 3: Laser piles treatment

Our state of art central piles treatment facility is located in T-Nagar, Chennai. We have treated 500's of patients who have traveled to our facility from Kerala for a piles treatment. The advantage of our treatment is that it is laser-based and allows overnight recovery in the same day. Patients can from Kerala in the morning get treated and leave on the same day!
piles treatment in Kerala

Step 4: Go home piles free

Our piles treatment for Kerala patients allows quick recovery on the same day. You never have to come back to us once you take piles treatment at the Laser Gastroenterology Clinic. All follow up consults can be done over our website

Still not convinced about taking a piles treatment in Kerala though us?

 We understand that we are located away from Kerala. But think about the bigger picture. Sometimes a large pile can be a constant strain on the quality of your life. Your bowel movements may be disturbed, you may have a sudden onset of bleeding and other problems. Most piles are harmless when a piles treatment is done early. Our piles treatment for Kerala has the distinct advantage of being pain-free and also 24-hour recover. Come and experience the difference with us today!

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Still not convinced? Learn more about laser treatment for piles below

Laser treatment for piles has several distinct advantages over the routine piles removal surgery. The most important being

The procedure is pain-free to a great extent

The patient usually recovers in the same day

The difference in cost of the two is minimal

Recurrence of the pile is also lesser

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What our patients from Kerala have to say!


Entrepreneur from Thrissur

I was suffering from piles for the last three years due to my hectic work schedule. It became severe and I wanted a quick treatment due to my personal commitments. I then visited the Laser Gastroenterology Clinic, Chennai after much research on their treatment methodologies. These guys were honest and excellent in the way they received me, right from the airport, till the surgery was complete I was given excellent care. I recovered the same night and was back home for my shoot. I will strongly recommend this place for a piles treatment. Don't waste your valuable time searching for any piles treatment in Kerala.

Abhinav Nair
Abhinav Nair Entreprenuer and Model

Businessman from Ernakulum

I cannot thank Dr. Karhik enough for the excellent piles treatment he did for me!. This doctor is an absolute authority in the treatment of piles. If you are looking for a quick and hassle-free piles treatment, I cannot recommend any other clinic other than 'The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic' for piles treatment.

Bhalvendra Kutty
Bhalvendra Kutty Businessman

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