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Piles treatment in tambaram

Are you looking for a piles treatment in Tambaram ?

We are proud of the fact that that we have helped over 250 patients from the beautiful tambaram suburb of chennai. Our piles treatment in tambaram involves provides a free online consultation first where we do the following

  1. We first give you a consultation online to assess the degree of your piles problem
  2. Next, we review your records online with our piles specialist in chennai
  3. If your piles problem is not severe, we will give you free tips for your piles treatment. You can try out these tips at home

In some patients, the piles may be severe and associated with active bleeding. This becomes a medical emergency.

In these scenarios, we have a full-fledged free ambulance pick up service in tambaram to help you reach our specialized piles clinic in T-Nagar, Chennai that is located just about 45 mins away.

Our clinic specializes in the laser treatment of piles. The advantages of laser piles treatment in chennai are as follows

  1. The procedure is pain-free
  2. The recovery is within 24 hours
  3. Discharge can be done on the same day
  4. No admission required

Piles treatment in tambaram

We are on our journey towards becoming the best hospital for piles treatment in chennai. If you are suffering from piles and if you are from tambaram...

Then make a wise choice and choose the Laser gastro clinic, Chennai for a permanent treatment.

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