Rectal Prolapse

What is Rectal Prolapse
Rectal prolapse is a condition when the final portion of the large intestine descends outside the anus in a telescoping fashion. It is not a medical emergency but severely affects quality of life.

Risk factors for Rectal Prolapse
Though there are many associative factors , causative factors are few and far between. Many are associated with constipation, some with diarrhea. Though parity is a factor in causation about a third of women who have rectal prolapse have not borne children.

Symptoms of Rectal Prolapse
The most common symptom of a rectal prolapse is the presence of a mass that has descended outside the anal orifice. In this it has to be differentiated from piles. Incontinence to gas, solid and liquid stool can occur. Sometimes the mass can get ulcerated.

Evaluation of Rectal Prolapse
A thorough history and physical examination combined with testing in the form of anorectal manometry and Colonoscopy can be done for these patients

Laser Treatment of Rectal Prolapse
Rectal prolapse can be treated through the abdominal and perineal routes. The route the prolapse needs to be fixed depends primarily on the age of the patient/ patient needs sexual function and associated co morbidity.

At the Laser Gastroenterology clinic, the Holmium Yag Auriga Laser is used for treating Rectal prolapse both Abdominally as well as perineally. The resection of bowel is carried out with the german laser with minimal blood loss, and quick recuperation. Healing is fantastic with excellent postoperative results.

Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran


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