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Best Umbilical Hernia Treatment In Chennai

Looking for the best umbilical hernia surgery hospital in Chennai?


If you are suffering from a hernia, you and I both know how troubling it can be!

This is Dr. Karthik, senior hernia specialist in chennai and if you are prospectively looking at undergoing a hernia treatment, you are at the right place.

Remember, never ever ignore a hernia. As some hernia can be life-threatening

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We have been frequently rated as one of the best hospital for hernia surgery in chennai.

A million thanks to our patients who helped us reach where we are!

But, I do not want to bore you with our achievements. That does not matter...

More importantly, you are here for a reason. Let us learn a bit about hernia and the trouble they can cause.

What is an Umbilical hernia?

A hernia is a defect in the anterior abdominal wall through which abdominal contents like bowel or omentum slide through.

An umbilical hernia occurs in the region of the umbilicus also loosely called the belly button. Common well-known causes of an umbilical hernia include

  1. Obesity
  2. Recent Pregnancy
  3. And lastly a weak abdominal wall

An umbilical hernia in adults needs immediate intervention since it can lead to bowel or intestinal loops getting trapped and can be life-threatening

What is an inguinal hernia?

An inguinal hernia, on the other hand, is a bulge in the lower aspect of your abdomen. Interestingly an inguinal hernia or the bulge can become

  1. Bigger when you cough
  2. Is associated with a dragging sensation
  3. Or sometimes it is associated with frank pain

Moreover, you may also feel a dragging pain on your sides when a hernia is large, or when you bend over.

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More importantly, when you lie down flat on your back you should be able to push back the bulge back into its position.

But be warned!

If you are unable to push back the contents of hernia into abdomen, then you should suspect an 'incarceration'

An incarcerated hernia is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment by hernia specialist doctor or surgical gastroenterologist

What are the symptoms of a hernia?

The symptoms of a hernia are often related to the contents that protrude and also the duration of the protrusion.

  1. Pain occurs when there is adhesion of omentum or bowel to the defect.
  2. Bowel obstruction can occur with symptoms of vomiting and pain.
  3. Sometimes when the bowel gets caught the blood supply can get cut off and strangulation and death of the bowel might occur.

What about hernia treatment?

Management of an umbilical or an inguinal hernia is always surgical.

As a hernia is an anatomical defect, medicines will not help. That's the absolute truth!!

Open surgery and keyhole surgery have been advocated for umbilical and inguinal hernia repair.

In keyhole surgery, the adhesions are released and the defect is repaired either with intracorporeal suturing or with mesh and tacks.

What about laser surgery for a hernia?

The Holmium Yag laser beam seamlessly cuts through adhesions that are present in an umbilical hernia.

Bowel adhesions can also be carefully released.

There is very minimal bleeding or scarring at the post-op site which prevents further adhesions. Pain is also kept to a minimum with the laser.

Chennailasergastro for Hernia treatment

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Hernia Symptoms and Treatment:

  • 1 Symptoms are often related to contents that protrude
  • 2 Bowel obstruction with symptoms of pain and vomittings
  • 3 Strangulation and death of Bowel
  • 4 Most of the times Inguinal hernia is treated laproscopically
  • 5 Laser Surgery is also an available options in required cases

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