What is the Cost of Laser Piles Surgery & Treatment In Chennai

Laser surgery for piles is a non-invasive and painless procedure with negligible chances of bleeding, infection, incontinence, or anal stenosis. Laser piles surgery is preferred over other common methods of piles treatment such as banding, ligation, coagulation, haemorrhoidectomy and haemorrhoid stapling due to many advantages. One of the main advantages is that, laser piles surgery is done on an outpatient basis without the requirement for hospitalization that reduces the total cost of treatment.

Advantages of Laser piles surgery outweighs its cost

People may find it very embarrassing to talk about piles but it is necessary to come out of it and seek appropriate treatment for this increasingly common condition. Home remedies and conservative treatment may help only in conditions that are evaluated as mild. On making a decision to visit the clinic, it is important to understand a little about the treatment process. Some of the general queries would be on arrival at a diagnosis, various types of treatments available, and the cost.

Having an idea about the best treatment procedure available, it may be necessary to know if the advantages of laser piles surgery outweighs the cost involved in it. There are many advantages of laser piles surgery that makes patients prefer this as the permanent treatment technique over other traditional methods. Advantages include:

  • The procedure can be done within 30 minutes with maximum safety.
  • Resume daily activities as early as the very next day.
  • Laser energy promotes faster healing.
  • Provides quick relief from the symptoms.
  • The function of the anal sphincter is well preserved.
  • It takes less than a week for full recovery after the procedure.
  • 90% success rates that is higher than other methods.
  • Negligible chances of recurrence.

Cost components of Laser piles treatment

There are various components that affect the total cost of laser piles treatment. Different parts of the treatment process include pre-procedure cost, surgery cost, medicine cost and Post-procedure cost. Charges for any single part of laser Piles treatment can depend on corresponding factors:

  • Pre-Procedure cost – Diagnosis of haemorrhoids is based on medical history and physical exam. External haemorrhoids can be diagnosed by checking the area around the anus but to diagnose internal haemorrhoids a digital exam and other procedures may be needed to look inside the anus and rectum.

Medical history – It is necessary to provide medical history and description of symptoms along with eating habits, toilet habits, use of laxatives or enema and other existing medical conditions.

Physical examination – It involves an internal exam of the rectum to feel the unusual growth or swollen part of the rectum by which the specialist can almost conclude the diagnosis.

Digital examination – Internal haemorrhoids that are too soft to touch can be felt through digital examination to check the tone of the muscles in the anus, to check for tenderness, blood clots, lumps or masses and skin tags. An anoscope, sigmoidoscope or proctoscope may be used to visualise the lower portion of the colon and rectum. Based on various below factors, a colonoscopy may be necessary to examine the entire colon.

  • Signs and symptoms that may indicate another digestive system disorder
  • Presence of colorectal cancer risk
  • No recent colonoscopy in a middle aged patient
  • Surgery cost – If a patient has the question “ who is the piles specialist near me ?” the consultation fee payable would be an upfront cost. An experienced and skilled surgeon can provide best-in-class services at a higher fee than a surgeon with less experience.

The cost of laser piles surgery varies with patients

The amount to be paid for Laser Piles Treatment differs from one person to another and hence the cost varies for different patients. It is usually based on the severity of the piles' condition and it can vary from hospital to hospital. Surgical treatment of grade 3 and 4 piles is more difficult than grade 1 and 2 piles. Piles condition that has advanced to the chronic stage will pose more risks and complications associated with surgery. In such cases, extra precautions taken during surgery will affect the cost of surgery. Factors that affect the surgery cost include:

  • Type of piles
  • Grade or severity of piles
  • Age and condition of the patient
  • The hospital/clinic location, speciality and services
  • The expertise of the doctor
  • Post-surgical complications if involved
  • Medicine cost – Pre and post-surgery, doctors do advise medication. Over the counter creams, ointments, pads or suppositories, etc. will be used as they contain a few goods and soothing ingredients like witch hazel, lidocaine and hydrocortisone to minimise the discomfort before and after the surgery. These can temporarily relieve pain and itching until complete healing.
  • Duration cost – Hospital ward types like general, twin shared, single room, etc. can be chosen as little as possible if the condition is not severe and the patient remains stable to keep the cost low. The cost will also be affected by the type of facility chosen to stay. For instance, a private ward will cost more than a general ward. Travel charges from and to the hospital for consultation tests and follow up will also impact the overall cost of treatment. From hospital admission, discharge to bed charges payment will be accounted separately for each.

Laser piles surgery cost can be very reasonable with wide options available especially because the benefits weigh down the risks of choosing other treatment methods. Laser piles surgery does not take as long as conventional surgery but the technology and its benefits escalate the cost of laser treatment as compared to procedures. As the advantages of laser piles surgery avoid post operative complications, laser treatment is still be considered affordable and the most preferred treatment. One may be able to choose the best piles specialist or clinic that provides optimal care and cost-effective services. The goal is to get the best haemorrhoid surgery at an affordable price. To learn more about the piles laser treatment cost, one can contact the nearest piles clinic and consult the specialists.

Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran