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Why Choose Us

Why us?

Because we are simply the best hospital for piles treatment in chennai. We also employ certified piles specialist, who are trained in providing expert piles treatment services.

The clinic’s physicians have trained to super specialize in diseases of the Gastrointestinal tract.

They have spent innumerable years training in the surgical and medical management of the oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas and bowel after their primary and super speciality qualification (DM Gastroenterology, Mch Surgical Gastroenterology).

They are skilled clinicians and avid researchers who practice evidence-based medicine and have widely published in this field.

In addition, the clinic’s physicians and surgeons have super specialized in laser surgery for the Gastro Intestinal Tract. Their niche area of expertise makes them highly sought after all over the country. They are scientific, compassionate and above all service minded.

The clinic boasts of state of the art laser equipment, the German made Auriga Holmium laser which can be used in performing all surgeries of the GIT both open and Laparoscopic (key hole ). Added to this superior laser technology, the Harmonic Ace scalpel, the Force triad vessel sealing system, the Argon Plasma coagulators all complete the surgical armamentarium and help in making complicated surgery simple.

The clinic’s central location in T.Nagar makes it highly accessible. It is a warm friendly place which makes patients with even the most morbid diseases feel at ease. The nurses are trained in stoma care and educate the patients and help them with their needs. The gentle caring nature of the clinic’s physicians completely endears the patients to the clinic with many patients referring their friends and family.

Reasons to see doctors at The Laser Gastroenterology Clinic, Chennai

1 Highly skilled and qualified doctors to treat gastrointestinal tract diseases
2 Surgeons super specialized in laser surgery of the GI Tract
3 Expertise in using German made Auriga Holmium laser to treat with minimal pain
4 Clinic is located in T.Nagar, Chennai - Easily accessible from all corners of the city

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